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Getting started

6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #3324 by Don Shader
Don Shader created the topic: Getting started
Hi there,
I've been an avid photography enthusiast for over 50 years. I'm retiring from my full time job and I would now like to get into the business of photography. I've been following you and watching your videos, please reading lots of books on technique, not to mention all the hours I've spent practicing my skill, but now the big do I get stated in the business? It's not as simple as it was in the old days when we could place an ad in the phone book. I look on the web and see all kinds of photographers listed in Google, BIng, and Yahoo and I ask the same question over and over, how did you get started?
Any suggestion?

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6 years 8 months ago #3332 by Mistery
Mistery replied the topic: Getting started
I can’t tell you how you can get started, but I can tell you how I plan to get started when I leave the USAF. My main business I plan to do is portraits and weddings. For weddings I’ll just start out as a second shooter and move from there.

My mom runs a home daycare center so I’ll start out by taking pictures of all the kids and giving them free photos, that way they can see what they’ll be getting and I plan them to hire me for around holiday season or those special events. I also plan to buy some magnets to put on my vehicles, so I’ll be advertising every time I’m out and about. Name of my business, phone number and email address will be on the car. I may also look into doing a little craigslist and radio, just to get started. Another option of course is also Modelmayhem.

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