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Photography Quick Tip #2!  Keep your camera level, especially for landscape photos.  I did forget to mention that there are times when its impossible to keep a perfect horizon line, like when shooting on a hill but you still want the other items in the photo to be level.  Check out the video.

UPDATE: If you don't have virtual horizon built in you can buy one of these bubble levels that go on your hotshoe!


Pine Grove Covered Bridge

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0 # co mulder 2011-12-13 12:31
great tip mate i see if i can set to function button
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0 # co mulder 2011-12-13 12:38
any suggestion for a nikon d60
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0 # MK 2011-12-13 16:13
Yes, the D7000 has this ability! Love the quick tips. Thanks Greg.
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0 # Bruce 2011-12-13 20:32
D7000 also has the horizon feature
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0 # Nir R. 2011-12-14 11:00
Also possible in D300s.
Thanks Greg.
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0 # Olaf Kleemeyer 2011-12-14 19:12
Great tip, Greg. It´s good to mention this issue. The problem I have is that I can´t really observe the virtual horizon while looking through the viewfinder. The virtual horizon certainly helps when putting the camera on the tripod, but I don´t use it handholding the camera. Myself, I prefere to look about straight lines (horizon, walls of buildings, trees) on the scene and turn the viewfinder grid display on. How about this way?
Thanks for talking about this, Greg. I´m looking foreward to the next quick tip.
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0 # Sherbi Seerattan 2011-12-28 20:38
Hi Greg I just watched your video on the Virtual Horizon. Just realize that my D700 has that function. Can you explain how to set this to your function button? Thanks.
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2011-12-28 20:41
Sorry I don't know offhand, I'm sure your camera manual can tell you ;)
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