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Website tips all this month!

Watch Photographer's Website Tips & A Must Watch Photo Lecture on YouTube

Websites are absolutely required to be in business in 2014. In today's show I talk about how to get started and on what platform to build on. Next week’s show I will talk about what content you need and tips on keeping your content fresh. In the news I talked about the new D3300 from Nikon, new Canon point and shoot cameras, and a new instant photo printer from Fuji. Two videos today included Film Riot's Ryan Connoly switching to PC from a Mac for video editing and a 2 hour long photography lecture by Gregory Heisler. Post your Keep Shooting! Photo Assignments 'Black and White' here Keep Shooting!

Photographer’s website tips this month!

Hey everyone Greg Cazillo from welcome to keep shooting Monday #52
I started two new email lists this week, the first is updated discussions in the forum and the second is photography gear specials.  If you are already signed up please update your subscription and sign up for the other two.

On Saturday I poured my heart out about the Cazillions Community and this channel, if you are a regular commenter or watcher you should have received a notification.  In any event please comment below with what you want to see in Keep Shooting Monday for 2014 and any tutorial suggestions or photography questions.

If you are a photographer you have to watch all 2 hours of this photography discussion by Gregory Heisler.  Hearing his perspective of how he created his photographs is totally worth the time.  If you don’t know Heisler he is a famous portrait photographer who has created many time magazine covers.  I especially like how he uses light to create a more fitting and realistic portrait for the scene he is photographing.

This next video is from Film Riot where the host Ryan discussed why he switched from Mac to PC instead of buying a new mac pro. If you want to have expandability and flexibility in a new computer then PCs are the way to go.
Nikon is supposed to announce a new d3300 tomorrow, rumors are 24 megapixels, 11 af points and up to iso 12,800.  Here is a link to the full rumored specs on Nikon Rumors.

Fuji is releasing a new 2x3 printer with a wifi radio that allows you to print from your smartphone.  The more your photos are printed and shared the better.  If you want something a little bigger you can always buy an Epson Picturemate for easy 4x6 prints and here is a link to it.

If you are a canon shooter they are releasing a few new point and shoot cameras at CES, so if you want a camera to carry around all the time be sure check them out.

This week’s Keep Shooting photo assignment will be black and white.  Content doesn’t matter, just make it the very best black and white image you can.  Photos must be taken in between now and January 24th and must be posted to the forum by 5pm Eastern on the 24th.  I am going to try to critique more of them over on the forum so be sure to get them posted.  Good luck, the winner’s photos will be announced in a few weeks here on Keep Shooting Monday.

Lets talk about your website. January and February are a slow time for many businesses so it’s a perfect time to get into a new flow. If you have any questions please ask below, if I get enough of them maybe I will do a photographer’s website special video.
The key to a great website is content.  Your content needs to be updated on a regular basis to attract clients.  Since we are all so busy it needs to be easy to use and update which is why I recommend a content management system like Joomla or Wordpress.  I use Joomla on my sites since it is easy to use and can be expanded to anything I want or need in the future.  Wordpress is a little more restrictive but will be fine for many people.

While deciding you need to take into consideration your website hosting.  Do they support the cms you want to use or do you need to move to another hosting company.  I used 1&1 for a long time but just switched to Amazon Web Services for my website and all client websites.  AWS is not for the beginner so check out hostgator or dreamhost if you are just starting out. 

Once you have your hosting and the cms setup, next is a design or template.  There are plenty of free and inexpensive designs out there so do some googling to find what you want.  I highly suggest using one that is responsive which means it looks and works great on both big screens like your desktop and small ones like a smartphone or tablet.  Just a week ago I finished my responsive template for my site, it still needs a little tweaking here and there but for the most part it looks great.

In next week’s show I will talk about what content you need and tips on keeping your content fresh. Any questions please post them below, thanks guys keep shooting, see ya!

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