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Question of the week: What's on your photography BUCKET LIST?

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Keep Shooting! Monday #64 started off with the question of the week, whats on your bucket list? We extended the Giving Back Photo Assignment to photos taken in the past so be sure to post them with a story. Other topics today were a huge difference in lens quality, new 50mm lens from Sigma and a longer discussion on creativity in photography. #Cazillion Questions were about indoor white balance with flash, what focus settings to use during a race and how much editing or Photoshopping should you do to a photograph. Keep Shooting!

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0 # Will 2014-04-08 16:05
Hi Greg,
On the issue of photographing black people, I'd like you to do some kind of assessment on how various cameras photograph people with different skin colours and any specific tips on correcting skin tones. I have both a Canon 650D and a Nikon D3100 and always hear that canon renders beautiful skin tones and it is true but, just not for black people. I sometimes find it really hard to get rid of the red cast while produced by the Canon while it seems that darker skin tones are rendered better by Nikon. And since I doubt that most of your viewers are using high end it would be nice to include a variety of cameras from the big two as well as other manufacturers if you ever get around to the doing this. I'm looking forward to this review though.
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2014-04-08 16:14
Its already on my list. I've never liked Canon's skintones personally.
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0 # Katherine Azar 2014-04-08 19:19
Even though I'm a Nikon shooter and love my Nikon, I do prefer the Canon skin tones. Sorry, Greg! I love Will's idea of testing out different makes and models to see how they render all skin tones. It would be an interesting study. Let's do it!
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