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Question of the Week: What additional photo printing questions do you have for Epson?

Watch Photo Printing 101 with Epson on YouTube

This show is a special audio podcast covering the ins and outs of photo printing from choosing the right printer all the way to printer care and final print inspection. See below for a list of subjects we covered. Keep shooting!

  • Choosing a photo printer
  • R2000 vs R3000 Printers
  • What does Gloss Optimizer do in an Epson Printer?
  • Image resolution for sharpest prints set to 180, 270 or 360 ppi
  • Should I sharpen my images?
  • Adobe RGB vs Prophoto RGB printing
  • Exporting from RAW files, recommended file types
  • Print profiles
  • Accurate color photo vs pleasing photo print
  • Print color profiles
  • Advanced B&W color mode
  • Screen variations and monitor profiling
  • Special Mac only printer dialog box settings
  • Paper choice, matte vs luster, canvas, etc
  • Use of inkjet cleaning sheets
  • Printer resolution
  • Borderless printing with auto expand
  • Loading paper
  • Judging print quality
  • Printer care & cleaning
  • Using inkjet cleaning sheets
  • When should you upgrade your printer?

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0 # Don 2014-09-30 14:58
Thanks for a great article Greg... Are you going to post the links from the Epson Photo Printing blog that were mentioned yesterday? Thanks again!
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0 # Lee Shepperson 2014-10-29 18:13
I have a nikon D750 Can't read row filds in aperture
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