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Watch LIVE Product Photography Shoot on YouTube

Join me tomorrow, July 14th 12 Noon EST for a LIVE product photography shoot on Google+. You can watch via my YouTube Channel GregoryCazillo or try to be one of the 9 lucky #Cazillions who will be able to join the Hangout.

If you miss the live version come back to this page, I will post the video afterwards.  Keep shooting!

Vodka Bottle, Photographed During Live Product Photography Shoot Vodka Bottle, Photographed During Live Product Photography Shoot by Cazillo

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0 # Vincent Lobaccaro 2012-07-13 15:28
Upgrade to D700 or D800 or wait for D600? I thik the D600 looks like it would kill the D700
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0 # Zeno Watson 2012-07-14 12:30
Hi Greg, when filling a frame in a product shot, should you not leave room for text placement?
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0 # Gregory Cazillo 2012-07-14 13:51
Yes, depends on what the client/art director wants. Definitely if it is for a magazine ad or cover.
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0 # Jason 2012-07-15 10:30
Hi Greg, Really liked the step-by-step approach. It was good to se the 'set' built from scratch and hear your thoughts on how the picture could be improved and then see you do it. Would be good to see this done for other product type shots but also studio portrait shoot and macro shoot as well. Thanks and keep up the good work.
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0 # Eduardo Regueiro 2012-07-15 16:11
I follow all your videos Greg. i feel i learn a lot whit your simplicity
Thank you so much for your time my friend...

Cheers from Spain
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0 # salsaguy 2012-07-22 02:47
Greg for product shots like this wouldnt it be better to get a Sekonic L358 light meter to get your initial readings and dial it in without guesswork and nail the exposure?
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