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Lightroom has some great features to keep your photos organized. One of them is the publishing services. I use it all the time for Flickr, but you can also use them for Picasa, Facebook, Smugmug, FTP, Hard Drive publishing, etc. In my video I go over when I prefer to use the publish services vs a typical export.  You can check out Adobe's website for Lightroom Plugins plus I recommend others from Jeffrey Friedl.

Speaking of exporting I went over my export settings.  I don't save my exported images if they are only being uploaded to the web or if I am order a print from an online printing service.  I feel its a waste of hard drive space and prefer to save it whenever possible.

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0 # Cheri Widzowski 2011-11-25 23:13
Hey, Greg. I've been missing your classes and excellent mentoring since I moved to Boston last year. So glad to find your videos! This one one LR export was very useful. Best wishes to you.

Cheri W.
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0 # lance 2013-06-23 10:54
Hey Greg...great video, answered some questions. But I had one more. The settings apply to all photo sizes? meaning let's say I want an 8x10 of one and 5x7 of another, the 'long side 4000 pixels' apply to both in printing? Thanks!
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