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This was a great Keep Shooting! Monday if I do say so myself!

Watch Lightroom 7 Wishlist & Do You Need a Model Release? on YouTube

Keep Shooting Monday #114 is jam packed with great photography information. Greg started off talking about an issue he had when printing some greeting cards. Then he previewed the Dahle 552 Trimmer review coming soon. He then gave a interesting tip on how to save money on inkjet photo paper.

Lightroom was the next subject: Greg started off with his Lightroom 7/Lightroom 2016 Wishlist.

  • Allow double clicking catalog name in Open Catalog Dialog box
  • Allow backups without prompt when closing Lightroom
  • Lightroom should delete older backups
  • Include a default set of keywords, would promote keyword use
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Network catalogs or sync Lightroom desktop catalogs between computers (just like Lightroom Desktop -> Lightroom Mobile Web or Lightroom Desktop -> Lightroom Mobile
  • Multiple catalog support for Lightroom mobile
  • Setup Lightroom Books SDK for photo printing labs and album companies
  • More layout flexibility in books, allow custom template creation
  • Custom page sizes especially when exporting as a jpeg
  • Add ordering system so you can take note of client orders without using a second application
  • Integrate ordering system with books, print ordering from photo labs and local inkjet printing
  • Optionally show pricing

Greg also answered two #Cazillion questions. The first was about model releases and if you need them when shooting portraits. The final part of today's show was about your first wedding, whether or not you should tell the bride and groom its your first time. Keep shooting!

Lightroom 7 Wishlist & Do You Need a Model Release?

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