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Which do you prefer CF or SD? Shutter or Aperture priority?

Watch What do you think? CF vs SD Cards? Aperture vs Shutter Priority? on YouTube

Greg started off the show with some tips on how he fixed a driver installation issue with his Epson 7800. He was getting the error “A problem was encountered while attempting to add the driver to the store” which is a driver signing issue. Basically the current driver version hasn't been updated for Windows 10 yet, so he needed to take extra steps to get it installed. Greg did a little bit of work with Lightroom panoramic stitching. He noticed how much time you can save using that method rather than stitching it manually.

Greg went through the news with Canon's Pro-1000 printer recall, learning how to use Curves in Photoshop, and also mentioned a couple of new PHOTOCADEMY videos on calibration and scanning. #Cazillion questions were about used cameras, Lightroom alternatives, CF vs SD cards and speed, and aperture vs shutter priority for bracketing. Keep shooting!

What do you think? CF vs SD Cards? Aperture vs Shutter Priority?

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